Survivor Fit for iPhone XS, iPhone X

Survivor Fit for iPhone XS, iPhone X

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Welcome to the new standard in slim, multi-layered protection. Survivor Fit protects your iPhone X from 2.1-meter (7-feet) drop damage and dents, all in a sleek, beautiful package.

2.1-Meter Drop Tested for Your Peace of Mind - Survivor Fit has been tested and proven to offer unmatched protection from drops of up to 2.1 m (7 ft) onto concrete. Plus, its hard, textured shell provides a great defense against the wear and tear (and dents and scratches) of everyday living.

Impact Protection Built In - Fit features our exclusive Impact Dispersion System®, which absorbs and redistributes the impact each time you drop your phone. Parking garage floors? No match for Survivor Fit.

Protection With an Edge - Even with its (awesome) protective capabilities, the Fit is no slouch when it comes to looks. Its multi-layer design gives your iPhone X dimension and form without creating unnecessary bulk. It’s also constructed with smooth, premium materials to provide the comfortable handheld feel you want, while resisting dirt, lint and stains—so your iPhone stays protected, clean and amazing-looking for longer. It’s that simple.


Welcome to the new standard in slim, multi-layered protection


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iPhone XS, iPhone X

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iPhone XS, iPhone X

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8.26 x 3.93 x 1.18 in

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0.36 lbs